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Large Ensemble

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Large Ensemble

Distress Signal, concert work for electric guitar and full orchestra (9')

Kaddish, for string orchestra (3' 30")

Part II From Thomas Cole's "Course of Empire, for full orchestra (12')

Part I From Thomas Cole's "Course of Empire, for full orchestra (9')

Latrodectus, for wind ensemble (7' 30")

Narcissus, for full orchestra (11' 34")

ART Dances, for full orchestra and girls chorus (3' 30")

Funeral Dirge and Lament, for wind ensemble (3' 40")


The Funambulist's Double, for string quartet (9' 30")

Angler, for chamber ensemble (7')

Ignite, for two violins (3' 30")

Kaddish, for violin and double bass (3')

Distress Signal, for electric guitar and acoustic piano (8' 30")

Schadenfreude, for violin and piano (8' 30")

Schadenfreude, for oboe and piano (8' 30")

In Silhouette, for viola and piano (8')

Etude in d minor, for oboe and two violins (2')

Circadian Dysrhythmia, for violin and piano (5' 30")

Narcissus, for chamber ensemble (11' 30")

Feuds, for chamber ensemble (5')

Trap, for flute and percussion (4')

Nocturne, for trumpet and piano (6')

String Quartet No. 2, for string quartet (15' 30")

The Ill Fjord, for two violins (7')


Tidal Shift, for flute (5')

Atropos, for harp (5' 30")

A False Sense of Security, for piano (8' 30")

Demons, for violin (4')

Caprice, for violin (2' 45")

Capriccio, for flute (4' 30")

Exhausting the Possibilities of Messiaen Modes I and II, for piano (2')


In This Short Life, for tenor and piano (2')

The Poison Flower, for soprano and piano (6')

A Poison Tree, for soprano and piano (5')

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